Smartphones are one of the most commonly used devices in the modern world and companies are stepping up their efforts to significantly augment user experience. However, smartphones also have limitations and regular users often fail to identify them. For example, mobile devices have to be charged multiple times a day if you are a heavy user. The Nikola Labs case allows you to do just that by recycling wasted energy from the air! It collects and converts specific radio wave frequencies in DC power. The result you get is usable energy, which can easily power your device wirelessly.


Most entrepreneurs already know that technology can be a tremendous help in their business. However, there are scores of gadgets and devices that are less well-known but can prove very useful. Here are some of them.

For instance by using the Wocketwallet, a sort of digital wallet/safe in which you can store all the information on these cards without having to use a smartphone. It comes with a built-in card reader but you can also enter information manually. Protection is provided by PIN code and voice recognition

Echo Smartpen

The Echo Smartpen looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but make no mistake – this is a high-tech gem.

The pen captures all your notes digitally as you scribble them down and then you can save them on your computer, edit them, search through them and share them with colleagues. Using a built-in microphone, it can also record sound, so it’s a dictaphone or recording device, too.

iCelsius Blue

It measures temperatures from -40° to 250° degrees Celsius (depending on which sensor you click into it), accurate to within one hundredth of a degree.



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