Aplus Perfumes

All You Need To Know About Premium Quality “Aplus Perfumes”

Aplus Perfumes

Do you know that oil perfume is grade by grade? Same bottle but different content. The best grade is PREMIUM QUALITY.

It is not about quantity but QUALITY.  We @ APLUS PERFUMES assure you the best quality of undiluted oil perfumes.

It is purely undiluted, no skin irritation, friendly on skin, non alcohol added and nice fragrance.

We also educate you briefly on how you can excel in the business of PERFUME OIL. Our designers perfume oils are available in wholesale and retail deals from 3ml – 100ml.

Wholesale price:
3ml —#300 ( 12pcs & above)
6ml —#550 ( 6pcs & above)
8ml —#800 ( 6pcs & above)
10ml—#1000 (3pcs & above)
12ml—#1200 (3pcs & above)
15ml—#1400 (3pcs & above)
20ml—#1900  (3pcs & above)
30ml —#2900  (3pcs & above)
50ml —#4800
Location: 166, Ejigbo Road,  Opposite Chrisland College Idimu Lagos.
Office line: 09090403331
We deal in wholesale and retail.


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