Slay queen

Boyfriend dump slay queen after seeing the okro soup she prepare for his family with 10k (Photo)

Slay queen

A Nigerian lady was dumped by her boyfriend after seeing the okro soup she prepared for his family.

According to Ntiwunka Jessica, her boyfriend has not called her after she left his house. Jessica also disclosed that she asked for money from her boyfriend but she made up of her cash because he was going to refund her. She made okro soup and Eba.

Her post reads: “Hanty susu please approve, I want justice ooo. So this guy that wants to marry me called me on Saturday to come make food for the whole family and also introduce me to the parent, then I asked for money to buy foods stuffs that I will be needing, he said I should use mine that he would refund later, I said Ok, after making the sweet soup and Eba, I left, up until now this guy has not picked my call nor call back, infact I don’t want to marry again ooo, all I want now is my 10k I used for the soup ooo, pls my wobe children how do I get it back.

Slay queen


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