EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE: Iwalewa By Amb Ada Ossai

In recent times, people are beginning to grace their skill to become better and more productive. Gone are the days when man is comfortable with working under a boss or master, we are beginning to show the strength of our gift. Some come natural, others are acquired but all are prowess that can harvest liquidity.
Skills are appreciated and goals are created. As a lady, we have a greater weapon to become successful, our BEAUTY. Am not saying you as a beautiful lady is all the ticket you need to gain success at it peak. No, I say you are created [ads] with a difference and a special way to make it happen so easily. When you talk, the world listen, when you walk, the world gaze, when you contribute, the process begins to flourish, when you are happy, your light can never hid. You are beautiful, you are gifted, you are created wonderfully, you have a skill, you can acquire a skill, that’s all you need to become a boss lady. YOUR BEAUTY and YOUR SKILL.
Unfortunately, some beautiful folks misuse the golden opportunity they have due to a wrong attitude to work. But not too worry, it can be corrected. You are a light in your world, a friend to your partner and a source to your clients. You cannot influence people with a wrong attitude to work. No harmony, when you don’t act as a friend to your partner. Clients are not only interested with the quality they derive from your products, they want to be comfortable around you. Your smile can heal, your voice can cause another to excel, Your works influences the rising generation.
A woman is not complete without a right attitude, it makes you beautiful, it expresses your blissful soul, it rekindles passion, it lights up your world, it make for a better atmosphere around all and all around you. Oju loge Iwa lewa. [ads]
Your power to conquer the world lies in your attitude to all that you do. Positive attitude attracts the most out of all you do. Be known for the right reasons, IWALEWA.
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