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Introducing The “Ogun State Carnival, Praise and Awards”

Ogun State Carnival, Praise and Awards is a high-status fusion of cultural event, exhibition, carnival, Praise and award brand – cleverly tailored toward recognizing the tireless contributions of Indigens of Ogun State in different creative, political and other endeavours.

Ogun State Carnival, Praise and Awards is a vehicle to promote Ogun rich cultural diversity in its quest for economic, political and cultural development.

Our goal is to raise a tall order of cultural ambassadors and to also empower and assist young Ogun State indigens reach the peak of their career with the right recipes and encouraging footing, while preserving a potpourri of African cultural asset; as a strategy to enrich the growth of communities and glean the attention of tourists to Ogun State.

The unique selling point of Ogun State Carnival, Praise and Awards lies in its robust ideas and core values with a committed and highly experienced team, coupled with the active involvement of experienced and well-to-do stakeholders across the World.

The yearly event hopes to also promote and sell our Heritage, Government and the People… Ogun State Carnival, Praise and Awards was intelligently fashioned to further promote peace, unity; celebrate Ogun’s shining cultural diversity and protect our father land as a people….


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