Governor Ambode

Lagos Lawmakers Accuse Governor Ambode, Set To Impeach Him

Governor Ambode

Lagos State House of Assembly yesterday issued a one week notice to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to explain the allegedly spending unapproved funds.

The lawmakers accused the governor of misconduct, and therefore, summoned him to clear himself of the charge and if he fail to do so, he will face impeachment.

“The Attorney General, Finance Commissioner and Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning that ought to have advised the governor did not do so.

“The most important thing is that we should let the people know that a budget that was yet to be approved was being spent, which was why we could not attend to the governor on the budget on Monday, January 21.

“We must give them a fair hearing to come and explain what happened. The point has been made that there must be something before the House before you can commence expenditure. We want to call on the governor to come within a week to explain himself before we start gathering signatures for impeachment.”

He further said that, people have started receiving alert which has a grave implications to the governor.

he said “We asked them to bring out the law that allows them to spend up to 20 per cent of the budget of the preceding year. They could not bring out such law and we said what they did was wrong. We discovered that people have started receiving alerts and this has a grave implication for the executive.

“It is our finding that for smooth running of government, there must be strict adherence to the constitution. We decided to bring the report before the lawmakers for us to take action.”



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