Reviving rock music in Africa

Malibu Based Nigerian Artiste Teshi, Sets To Revive Rock n Roll Music In Nigeria

Teshi music

It’s no longer news that Nigeria doesn’t have any rock n roll star in the music industry.

Many years ago, Nigeria was one of the best music industry who has produced some of the best amazing rock and roll stars in the world with the likes of Nneka, Rooftops MC, Rhymzo, Jeremiah Gyang respectively.


Teshi music

However, all hope is not lost as Malibu base Nigerian rock and roll artiste Teshi heed to the call of many Nigerians who cried out for the revival of rock and roll music in the industry.

“TESHI” Nigerian born Malibu based is an eclectic rock and roll artiste and singer/songwriter, using music as a vehicle to encourage everyone across Africa and the rest of the world to live freely and to love one another fearlessly.


Teshi music


Teshi received a lot of messages from enthusiastic Nigerian rock and roll fans after the release of his new single that is currently  trending in the United State, titled “Too Many Knives”.

Teshi is the modern day rock n roll artiste, with a bit of “Afrofusion” which is suitable for the Africa community.

Teshi music

Teshi has recently launched a movement called “The Teshi Movement” to help him reach out to more fans.


Teshi music

The revival of rock n roll music by Teshi is not just Nigeria but also in whole of Africa to help bring more unity in diversity among the blacks across the world.

“You cannot be an artist without being a tortured soul… but you have to find a balance trying not to self destruct and still maintaining your creative flow”

Join the Movement support Teshi for the  “Revival of Rock n Roll Music” In Nigeria

Instagram @teshimusic

Twitter @teshiPhilosophy

Facebook: teshimusic


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