Captain Hosa Okunbo

Missing multi-million naira artwork found in Hosa Okunbo’s farm, artists’ community raises alarm

Captain Hosa Okunbo

A multi-million naira artwork which has been missing from the University of Benin, Ekenhuan Campus, has been traced to the farm of Benin billionaire, Captain Hosa Okunbo.

Raising the alarm in Lagos, a member of the Community of Visual Artists in Nigeria, Akin Sage, said: “The title of the artwork is 21st Century and has been reported missing for some time now.

“We have just received information that the gigantic metal work is at Captain Hosa Okunbo’s farm, somewhere around the by-pass, off Sapele Road in Benin City.

“We do not know how the work got there, but we can authoritatively tell you that the owner of the work was not paid any money, nor was his consent sought before the work was taken away from the University of Benin.”

Sage assured that his “association has the global reach to follow the issue to its logical conclusion.”

Asked if the association will go to court, he noted that “legal and other options are being reviewed.”


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