governor okowa

No Apologies Appointing My Daughter As Aide She Is Rightfully Qualify – Governor Okowa

governor okowa

Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, reiterate that he has no regret appointing his daughter as aide  and that he will not apologies to anybody.

The Governor made this statement during his  media quarterly briefing in Asaba Delta State.

Okowa further claimed that only one of his daughter was appointed not two as claimed by some media.


“It is not true that I have two of my daughter’s appointed. I have only one appointed and she is rightfully qualified.

“I do not have any daughter in social media. The one appointed for girl child education is rightfully qualified.

“I do not have any apologies for that because I know the quality of daughter that I have” he said.

“I am not God. I don’t make a Governor. Nobody makes a governor. It is only God that can make one.

“The important thing is we want to ensure there is unity and equity and we will continue to work towards achieving a situation that keeps us United as Deltans realising that working together makes us stronger as a people” he said.

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