Ogan Crisis: One Killed. Enogie’s House Sets Ablaze By Angry Youth

There was a crisis at Organ community in Edo State as the Enogie house was set ablaze by angry youth.

Monoct Media report that, one youth has been allegedly killed by Soldiers brought by the embattled Enogie of Ogan and his sons. This led to the burning down of Enogie’s house by angry youth of Ogan.

According to the source, trouble started when the youths went to Enogie’s house to demand for a share of the community money allegedly embezzled by the Enogie of Ogan and his sons. One of the Enogie sons was said to have drove to scene with some armed soldiers, who started shooting sporadically to disperse the youths. In the process, a bullet allegedly hit one of the youths, (Agharuwa Pulley,) and died on the spot. This angered the youths who in turn chase away the soldiers and burnt down the Enogie’s house…

As at the time of gathering this report, Enogie and his family has ran away from Ogan community.


Credit: Monoct Media


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