iran vs america

They Will Receive a Though Response – Iranian Officials Tells Isreal And United States

iran vs america

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Spokesperson, Brigadier-General Ramezan Sharif, has declared that the United States and Israel will have their momentary joy turned into mourning over the murder of its commander, General Qasem Soleimani.

Soleimani were killed in Baghdad Airport on Thursday.

The US say it was a decisive defense action, claiming the IRGC commander was planning attacks on American citizens in Iraq.

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“Certainly the momentary joy of the Americans and Zionists will not last long and will turn into mourning,” Sharif said.

Brigadier-General Ramezan Sharif, claimed that Americans and Israelis have committed a blatant crimes with all international regulations.

“The Israelis and Americans have committed a blatant crime at odds with all international regulations and laws and they should rest assured that they will receive a tough response,” he promised.

Iran has always seen Israel as a key enemy, a representation of its hatred for the US in the Middle-East.

It has also blamed the Jewish state for attacks on its territory.

Sharif said although IRGC members are currently in mourning, “their determination to take revenge on the usurper Zionist and criminal America will be greater”.

He added that the IRGC will “begin a new chapter” after the death of Soleimani and that there are many eager to carry on his legacy.


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